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Unmatched Expertise  in Keyless Repeater, Jammer, and Code Grabber Technologies

Driving Innovation in Security Solutions

At Hacking Tools Car, we're steering the course of security technology with a focus on cutting-edge tools designed to safeguard your digital assets. Specializing in keyless repeaters, jammers, and code grabbers, we lead the way in providing top-tier solutions for a secure future.

Our team comprises trailblazers in the security technology arena. We're dedicated to staying at the forefront of innovation, ensuring that our clients benefit from the latest advancements.

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Our Best Products

Keyless Repeater ​

The keyless repeater is a cutting-edge technology that has transformed the way we interact with access control systems. It serves as a bridge between traditional physical keys and the seamless convenience of keyless entry.


A jammer is a device designed to emit radio signals at the same frequency range used by the remote keyless entry system. By doing this, the jammer interferes with the signals being sent by the remote control, unlocking the car.​

Detector for GPS Lojack Guard Gannet

Detectors for searching all GPS and GSM signals + tracking without sim card Radio Frequency. The device records all signals within 24 hours and registries for a check later what it’s in the car in the room or manual search on live.

Emulator Key Gameboy Iskra

Emulator key, a device to open and start a car in a few seconds, the device connects with the car automatically very fast, and then you just touch the handle door, and the car opens and starts like the original key fob.

Key Programmer & OBD Device

Key programmers + emergency opens and starts car’s devices. Just plug to obd connector and the car’s ready to start or make new keys.

Code grabbers

Code grabbers – special devices for catching signals from a lot of meters, code grabber catch key for use again when you need, works on cars, gates, automatic doors and barriers.

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