Keyless Go Security

Advanced Keyless Go System: Secure, Seamless, Smart

Experience the height of automotive convenience with our Advanced Keyless Go System. Engineered with both luxury and security in mind, our system transforms your vehicle access experience while ensuring top-tier protection against potential threats.

Key Features:

– intelligent Proximity Sensing: Your vehicle knows when you’re approaching or leaving. It automatically unlocks or locks the doors for a truly hands-free experience,
– anti-Relay Attack Protection: Our system employs state-of-the-art encryption and dynamic code generation, making it impervious to relay attacks. Thieves can’t exploit the keyless entry mechanism,
– enhanced RF Shielding: Specially designed RF shielding renders our key fobs immune to unauthorized signal amplification attempts, adding an extra layer of protection,
– extended Battery Life: Crafted for longevity, our fobs offer extended battery life. This ensures consistent performance and reduces the need for frequent battery replacements,
– sleek Design: Merging functionality with aesthetics, our key fobs boast a modern design, making them a stylish accessory for any vehicle owner,

Why Choose Our Advanced Keyless Go System:

– in an era where convenience and security are paramount, our Keyless Go System stands out. It not only elevates the luxury quotient of your vehicle but also incorporates cutting-edge technology to deter theft and unauthorized access,
– navigate the future of vehicle access with confidence and class.

Works with:

Multibrand cars 2008-2023
Mercedes+ Audi 2008-2023
Japan and Korea cars 2008-2018
Japan and Korea cars 2008-2023
Europe And USA cars

If you have more questions, please contact our personnel. We offer 24-hour online support via Telegram or WhatsApp.


Worldwide delivery via DHL or Fedex.


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